This is a realistic and practical program with up-to-date information that will be used on a daily basis. It is not cluttered with out-of-date and useless information. Our program is to the point and user-friendly. It is designed so that you can start making money in locksmithing even before you complete the entire program. This is the most comprehensive program on the market today. Designed to be easily read and understood. We teach you how to locksmith and how to operate a successful locksmith business with proven methods. We go into tremendous detail with procedures and give you tips and tricks of the trade. Our training, photo illustrations, and step-by-step instructions give you the best training available that you will be using on a daily basis. We also offer you free technical support while you are taking the program.

Assured Locksmith Training is the only locksmith training program that is owned and operated by actual locksmiths. Our program is more than a locksmith training course. Our program offers the most comprehensive up-to-date information available today. We use highly detailed instructions, photographs, video, and diagrams to assist your learning. We teach you the mechanics of locksmithing and we also teach you the business aspects of owning and operating your own professional locksmith business using proven methods. With sections such as “Planning Your Business”, “Selling Your Product”, “Inventory”, “Day to Day Operations”, “Customer Service”, and “Advertising”, we will give you the head start you will need.  The program was designed to accomodate both the beginner as well as the experienced locksmith. It was also disigned to fit into any schedule. The time it takes to complete the program is completely up to you. Take as little or as much time as you need to complete the program. We have made it possible to receive the entire program at once and learn it as quickly as you desire, or you can receive six seperate sections and only pay when your ready for the next section. A detailed description of the overall course outline is given below.


  • Locksmith Training Manual
  • Residential Knob Set
  • Commercial Knob Set
  • Wafer Cam Lock
  • Commercial Mortise Cylinder
  • Set of Six Hand Files
  • Cylinder Removal Tool
  • Professional Lock Pick
  • Tension Wrench
  • Cylinder Plug Follower
  • Pair of Pinning Tweezers
  • Assorted Key Blanks
  • Shims
  • Re-Keying DVD

What We Cover:

Chapter 1- Key Blank Identification
You will learn the different types of key blanks and how to identify them.

Chapter 2- Different Types of Locks
You will learn to identify the various types of locks and lock cylinders.

Chapter 3- Disc Tumbler Locks or Wafer Locks
You will exam wafer locks and their functions.

Chapter 4- Pin Tumbler Locks
You will identify pin tumbler locks, their working parts and functions.

Chapter 5- Re-Keyable Pad Locks
You will look at re-keyable pad locks and the process of re-keying them.

Chapter 6- Knob and Lever Functions
The function of knob sets and lever sets that you will be working in the field are 
analyzed to help you identify the different types of locks.

Chapter 7- Storefront Door Locks
You will study the different locking mechanisms used in the storefront doors
and their functions.

Chapter 8- Removing and Replacing Door Locks
You will learn to remove and replace door locks and knobs properly.

Chapter 9- Depth and Spacer Keys
You will learn about depth and spacer keys and how they can help you in the field.

Chapter 10- Deadbolt Preparation and Installation
You will learn how to prep a door for installation.

Chapter 11- Panic Exit Devices and Panic Exit Alarms
You will look at the most common panic exit devices and panic hardware
that you will see in the field.

Chapter 12- Latches, Strikes, and Swings
You will receive miscellaneous information that you will use on a daily basis.

Chapter 13- Disassembling and Reassembling Locks
You will learn to disassemble and reassemble the most common locks that 
you face in the field.

Chapter 14- Drilling Lock Cylinders
You will learn how when and why to drill a lock cylinder.

Chapter 15- Residential and Commercial Lockouts
We will give you information on residential and business lockouts, including tips
to make things go smoothly.

Chapter 16- Re-Keying Tools
You will examine the tools required to re-key lock cylinders.

Chapter 17- Re-Keying Pin Tumbler Locks
You will learn to re-key lock cylinders and the do’s and don’ts of re-keying.

Chapter 18- Trouble Shooting
This chapter includes examples of common problems that you will experience 
and solutions you will use in the field.

Chapter 19- Automotive Lockouts
In the automotive lockout chapter, you will look at the procedures for opening
automobiles and policies you should adopt.

Chapter 20- Automotive Locksmithing
In this chapter, we will discuss automotive locksmithing and making automotive keys.

Chapter 21- Key Duplication
You will learn to duplicate keys.

Chapter 22- Shimming Lock Cylinders
In this chapter, you will learn the procedures for shimming a lock cylinder for
re-keying or lock servicing.

Chapter 23- Replacing Top Pins and Springs
This chapter demonstrates how to load top pins and springs.

Chapter 24- Removing Spring Retaining Caps
You will learn to remove and replace top spring retaining caps.

Chapter 25- Picking Lock Cylinders
You will be learning the art of picking lock cylinders. We will show you 
several different methods.

Chapter 26- Impressioning
In this chapter, we teach you the art of impressioning and how to create a key
when no key is available.

Chapter 27- Master Keying
You will examine the tools required to re-key lock cylinders.

Chapter 28- IC Core Locks
You will learn to re-key cylinder locks and the do’s and don’ts of re-keying.

Chapter 29- Codes and Code Books
You will study codes, code locations, and the use of code books.

Chapter 30- Know Your Fire Codes
We will discuss fire codes and the importance of knowing them.

Chapter 31- Planning Your Business
Explore some of the decisions you will need to think about before you get started.

Chapter 32- Selling Your Product
Learn to increase your sales through selling product and opportunities to sell product.

Chapter 33- Inventory
We will look at inventorying strategies for you new business, and what you should 
inventory and why.

Chapter 34- Day-To-Day Operations
We will give you helpful hints, and recommendations.

Chapter 35- Customer Service
Find out the importance of customer service and how to keep your customers.

Chapter 36- Advertising
We will explain advertising your new business and give you suggestions on how
to advertise for maximum results.

Chapter 37- Building Your Business
We will outline practical ways to generate business while you are getting started and
ideas to use throughout your locksmith career. 

Chapter 38- American Disabilities ACT – ADA
This chapter is to make you aware of the ADA and some of their regulations. 

Chapter 39- Rim Exit Devices and Panic Exit Devices
You will look at the most common rim exit devices and panic exit devices that 
you will see in the field. 

Chapter 40- Detex Exit Devices and Alarms
In this chapter we will teach you Detex installations and repairs. 

Chapter 41- Door Closers
You will learn about door closers, installations and repairs. 

Chapter 42- Push Button Locks
In this chapter we will discuss Push Button Locks.