Assured Maintenance Locksmith Training is the leader in training Security Professionals in the Locksmith Industry. These are new and different times and they will require new and different thinking. Now there is a need more than ever to secure your Facilities. It is imperative that you know WHO is performing your locksmithing and has first control of your keys. Bringing your locksmithing in-house will save you time, money and provide better security. More important you will know WHO is securing your facilities.
This Program gives you the opportunity to have a professionally trained locksmith at your facility daily. This saves you money, time, secures your facilities, resolves security issues, gives you the first line of defense and improves you Facility Management. This program is proven to bring your Property the security it needs.
Our programs are used in Hotel/Motel Industry, Government Facilities, Property Management Companies, Public/Private Schools, Office Buildings, Medical Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Churches, Apartment Complexes and Retirement Centers. As you can see we are committed to securing Properties.

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