About Assured Locksmith Training

Training Locksmiths Since 1998

Assured Locksmith Training from its conception, strives to provide the best possible and most updated locksmith training available. At Assured, locksmith training is all that we do! We are locksmiths and have a vested interest in the locksmith industry and the quality of the training you receive.


Assured Locksmith Training was developed by Locksmith Business owners to prepare you to start your own Locksmith Company. This training program will prepare you for entering the Locksmith Industry with the training necessary to be successful in the Locksmith field. Assured Locksmith Training is not a physical school, it is a training program design to assist you to enter the field of locksmithing.  


Assured Locksmith Training is the leader in locksmith training and now offering three locksmith training related programs. We also serve as suppliers to the locksmith industry carrying over 1500,000 locksmith and door hardware related items to better serve you.

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