Imagine owning your own business with new opportunities everyday. This exciting new career in locksmithing can be yours and is easier than you think!


We provide all the training you need to start your own successful locksmith Business and receive your Assured locksmith certification card and certificate of completion.

Flexible Hours

Minimal Investment

Excellent Career Opportunity

Excellent Part-time or Retirement Income

Whether you are looking for a career change, or you’ve been laid off, retired, or just looking for additional income the locksmith industry is an excellent opportunity.


The locksmith industry is virtually recession proof. People will always lock themselves out of their homes, automobiles, and businesses. They will always lose their keys to their homes, automobiles, and businesses. Locks will always need to be re-keyed, repaired, and replaced. There is not another business you can start with such low start-up costs with such great returns.

Meet our Company

Assured Locksmith Training from its conception, strives to provide the best possible and most updated locksmith training available. At Assured, locksmith training is all that we do! We are locksmiths and have a vested interest in the locksmith industry and the quality of the training you receive.

Locksmith Training Program (Start Your Own Business)


Assured Locksmith Training is more than just a locksmith training program. Our program is easy to read and understand. We provide step by step photos, illustrations, and instruction that give you the best training available on the market today. We teach you the mechanics of being a locksmith and also teach you the aspects of owning and operating your own professional Locksmith Business.


Our methods have been proven practical and effective. You will receive training in areas such as “Planning Your Own Business”, “Selling Your Product”, “Inventory”, “Day to Day Operations” “Customer Service” and “Advertising”. Our personal insight will give you the tools necessary to have a successful career in the Locksmith Industry.


Assured Locksmith Training is owned and operated by professional locksmiths and locksmith business owners. We are locksmiths and have a vested interest in the locksmith industry and also in the quality of training we provide.